Laura Cannata

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Contributor (Race & Culture)

Laura Cannata is a geek, nerd, weirdo, fanatic, and everything else. Her favorite fandom is Tolkien, and she can go on and on about it for days—she has read almost everything that has been published by, about, or related to the author. She is also a fan of Firefly, The Avengers, and Supernatural. Reading is her favorite pastime, but she also writes poetry and is a video and tabletop gamer. Laura stops to hug random dogs and waves at the telephone.

She graduated from seminary and plans to be a preacher and advocate for people with disabilities and mental-health issues in the church. Her faith is part of her cultural DNA and informs her interpretations on life and art. This does not mean she is intolerant or unaccepting of other beliefs or no beliefs, but it does mean that she has, for example, led a Lord of the Rings Bible study. Faith is not the defining aspect of her character, but it is one the characteristics of her personality, and she writes about some geeky topics from her Christian perspective.

Laura has multiple physical disabilities and mental-health issues. She is a social-justice warrior and will advocate for basic human rights, having done spoken-word performances on social-justice issues and written poetry from that perspective. She is also interested in representation and head canon, conventions and cosplay, and the importance of nuanced language. She is sarcastic and has a great sense of humor, but she voices her opinion in a respectful manner and hopes that others do the same.

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