laura cradickContributor (Television, Film Reviews)

Laura Cradick was born just outside of Washington, D.C., lived in Maryland for two years, then moved to Mississippi for another two years before the family finally settled in Minnesota. She played outside for most her childhood . . . that is, until she got glasses and could finally see the world for what it is—covered in many ticks, just so many ticks. Her hobbies then switched to playing PC games with her brothers, watching Star Trek with her dad, and thinking up new worlds, and it hasn’t changed since.

Laura has put more hours into raiding in World of Warcraft than she has into public life. Despite this fact, she still manages to watch an abundance of British TV and a massive amount of film, finds time to write on the side, and goes to the occasional bonfire with her sister. When she’s not doing any of those things, she’s nurturing her most recent obsession, whatever that may be.

She went to college at MCTC for screenwriting and film history and declares quite often that she prefers the history over the writing, but something keeps pulling her back to the keyboard. Her script was chosen for the capstone, the final project; she’s still editing her full-length script (about a werebear!) and simply cannot stop the writing.

Laura has a cat, Atramdedes, named after a particularly annoying dragon in World of Warcraft, and refers to her computer as a living being (his name is Tony). She has read nearly everything H. P. Lovecraft has written, prefers horror over any other genre, and nerds out way too easily. To find this elusive human, simply follow the trail of pop cans and the sound of loud EDM. Where there is music, there is Laura.


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