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Lindsey was born in February 1988 in San Antonio, Texas. Soon thereafter her father’s career in the US Army brought her family to Panama, where Lindsey spent some of the first months of her life—hunkered down in a military base during Operation Just Cause. Lindsey’s two younger brothers were born several years later in Brooklyn, New York, and in true military-brat fashion, Lindsey’s elementary school years were split between Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Cloquet, Minnesota.

Cloquet was the final resting place of the Loree family after her father retired, and Lindsey has been in Minnesota ever since. She read voraciously, snuggled inside under the blankets during long winter nights. Before long, Lindsey’s comfortable life gave birth to unsettled thoughts, which burst forth in her first attempts at storytelling. Her passion for writing endured through the traumas of high school, the exhilarations and disappointments of college, graduating during the recession, juggling multiple jobs, and all the other trappings of life. She is a contributing author to Twin Cities Speculations: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Her stories bend science and history down new paths, allowing for an immersive experience in fantastical alternate-evolutionary earths.

In addition to her writing, Lindsey is passionate about feminism and geek culture. In 2014 she founded the website, dedicated to finding and praising honest and progressive stories of women and girls in the media. Lindsey is also a chairwoman of Geek Girl Brunch Twin Cities and a member of the East St. Paul Speculative Fiction Writer’s Group.


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