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Yes, Virginia, you can grow up to be an otaku.

It’s good to start early, however. Lyda Morehouse started devouring her uncle’s Marvel and DC comic collection in her cousin’s basement pretty much as soon as she was able to read. In fact, Lyda often credits comic books with being one of the few things she could consume as quickly as her nondyslexic friends (and with turning her gay, but that’s another story). She watched her first anime on a black-and-white TV in 1979—Starblazers and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, known in the US as Battle of the Planets. Though it took her until 2011 to discover manga, Lyda managed to see anime movies like The Castle of Cagliostro and Ghost in the Shell in the 1990s thanks to the Uptown Theatre’s midnight showings.

After a brief stint as a science-fiction author, Lyda returned to fandom and fell in hard. Beyond the dozen-odd books she has had published by Penguin, writing both under her own name and as Tate Hallaway, Lyda has written over one million words of Bleach fanfic on Archive of Our Own.

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