Photo of Lydia KarchContributor (Business, Spotlight)

Lydia has always felt most at home in a library. She spent many hours during her childhood hiding in a corner of the Appleton public library, working her way steadily through the not unimpressive fantasy section. One of her favorite books growing up was Alanna: The First Adventure, which she read 11 times during a trip to Yellowstone because her grandparents would not allow her to bring any other book in the car. To this day, she still reads too many fantasy books (not all of which are quality).

Recently Lydia has tentatively been exploring the wide world of comic books, in part due to her deep love for the X-Men movies, which she first saw at Girl Scout camp during a rainy week in the North Woods. She showed these movies to her teenage cousins in what she hoped would be a similarly awe-inspiring moment, but they were deeply unimpressed and demanded to watch Doctor Who instead.

Lydia’s day job is in public health, which right now means sitting at a computer and messing around with lots and lots of charts. In a previous, more exciting life, she taught sex ed to high-school students and worked as part of an HIV street outreach team. She actually kind of misses that last job.

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