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Mark McPherson is a veteran connoisseur of the lost establishment known as the video store. Since he started working there in his teenage years, he’s become an obsessed movie fan, going so far as to watch every movie in the Criterion Collection during the summer of 2006.

Mark has bounced around from various careers in video editing, animation, and web development, but his constant pastime has always been movie criticism. He’s never stopped writing about movies, from his early days as an amateur blogger to his professional writings today. His movie reviews have been seen on many websites that include BagoGames and Cinema Paradiso.

As a movie critic, Mark is open to just about any genre if it hits the right spot. His favorites include Vertigo, Casablanca, Playtime, The Seven Samurai, and Blade Runner. There’s a soft spot in his heart for anything from the 1980s, including the trashy pictures of Cannon and Troma.


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