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Matilda “Matty” Ruth has always turned to gaming, whether she is fighting boredom, seeking adventure, escaping real-life drama, or simply bonding with friends. From Atari to tabletop RPGs and everything in between, she has developed a passion for learning new games.

Growing up in a small desert city in southern California, Matty discovered her love of gaming early on with an introduction to The Organ Trail in elementary school. Soon after, her obsession with The Hobbit via the family’s Commodore 64 developed. As her passion for video games grew, so did her voracity for learning tabletop games. When her parents moved the family from their small, boring California city to an even smaller town in northern North Dakota, she discovered the world of RPGs. She would often play Dungeons and Dragons with her younger brother and his friends until being kicked out for “not following the rules.”

These days, Matty lives with her two children, four cats, and two dogs in the Twin Cities. She follows her own gaming rules and has now added comic books and fangirling to her list of obsessions. Free time, family time, and friend time are often filled with cards, tabletops, RPGs, sporting events, comic-book discussions and collecting, cosplay, community theater, farming, and binge-watching Supernatural and Doctor Who.

Matty’s favorite YouTube channels are Comicstorian and Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop via Geek and Sundry. Her favorite audiobook is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, narrated by Wil Wheaton. Her writing experience comes from prior military training as a public affairs photojournalist in both the Army National Guard and Air Force Reserves.

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