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Melina Dargis was born from two sci-fi-loving parents and grew up reading comics and loving everything geeky. Luckily, she met and married her spouse, Mark, who happened to be a Star Wars fan. Their mutual love of the nerd world has brought them to many comic conventions across the United States, including a few trips to Comic-Con. Melina and Mark have two daughters in whom they’ve instilled their love for geek life, especially anime and manga, and have gone to Anime Expo for the past 12 years. Both in college, they are actively pursuing their dreams, with the oldest wanting to live and work in Japan and the youngest chasing her lifelong ambition to crack into the gaming industry. Melina enjoys watching and supporting her girls work towards what their goals. As a family, they have cosplayed, met a lot of exciting and fun people, and been a part of the industry in small, behind-the-scenes roles.

By day, Melina is a nurse who works from home, but she would rather be writing an action-packed adventure instead. She also likes to stay busy and has been a contributor to many blogs over the last few years, including Official Gay Geeks and Girls Like Comics, and currently reviews comics, manga, movies and anime for the Fandom Post. Melina was PR and social media staff and anthology editor and contributor with YaoiCon from 2014 to 2016.

Melina hopes to travel a lot in the future, never stop being a geek, experience a wide variety of adventures and never have any regrets.


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