melissa prusiContributor (Arts, Pop Culture)

Melissa Prusi dislikes winter. But she loves live theater, which is one of the reasons she lives in the Twin Cities. Though she doesn’t attend often enough for her liking, she’s always on the lookout for productions that are fun, intriguing, or thought provoking, with bonus points for geek-friendliness.

A Star Trek fan since before her earliest memory and a Tolkien reader since grade school, Melissa later became immersed in the worlds of Twin Peaks and Lost, though she ultimately found one of them disappointing. Her love of Tolkien collided with her love of movies when the Lord of the Rings film trilogy was announced, and she spent the early 2000s in a fog of casting rumors and leaked set photos.

Since emerging from the wilds of northern Michigan, Melissa has been a semipro film critic, a Jeopardy champion, and a Guinness World Record holder. Along with her husband/writing partner, she hopes to add published novelist to the list.


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