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Originally from the state of Maryland, Mike Fox made his big move to the frozen tundra of Minnesota in the early months of 2014, appropriately enough at the onset of a blizzard. He studied and worked in the culinary field as a baker and caterer before realizing he wanted to get back into his dream job—information technology—and reapplied for MCTC as a software development student.

Mike has been a long-time attendee of the convention scene, an obsession that began when he attended his first convention as a high-school student in the summer of 2004 and has continued to this day. Naturally, attending conventions went hand in hand with Mike’s cosplay obsession. His first attempt at cosplay started as a T-shirt and headband purchased at a convention, and Mike has been growing and evolving as a cosplayer ever since. Always a seeker of the next challenge, not a convention goes by where he doesn’t look toward his next costume.

When not buried deep in a pile of cloth scraps and random craft supplies, Mike spends time partaking in games of the video persuasion. A veteran and survivor of World of Warcraft, he eventually bounced around enough to fall into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, where he happily occupies space today.

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