Nick Glover dressed as KingpinContributor (Comic Book Reviews)

Nick Glover is a Twin Cities comedian, podcaster, and network engineer with the power of one million exploding suns.

Nick’s love affair with comics began in the horrible nineties, when huge, sentient capes, ridiculously large guns, and bandoliers of pouches dominated the landscape. He has an extensive collection of Doctor Doom–related memorabilia, art, and original creations.

When he’s not reading comics, Nick co-hosts Geeks Without God, a geeky and godless comedy podcast with new episodes every Tuesday; performs with Double-Blind Improv, a pay-what-you-can, short-form improvised comedy show on the third Thursday of every month at Honey in northeast Minneapolis; and performs with Vilification Tennis: The Meanest Show on Earth monthly at the Bryant Lake Bowl and every day at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where Nick also performs as a street character, in August and September.

Nick is one of the co-founders and directors of Fearless Lab, a pay-what-you-can comedy showcase of trial and error, in which he also performs. See him and other local comedians in action on the second Tuesday of every month at Honey.

Nick lives in Eden Prairie with his wife and co-prop-master for Vilification Tennis, Molly Glover. They have two cats that are total dickbags.


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