Nick HensleyEditor

Nick Hensley is an aspiring copywriter currently living in Mankato, Minnesota, with his girlfriend, their two spoiled cats, and a DVD collection that has been described as excessive.

As a kid, Nick visited and lived in many Midwestern states with his family and was fascinated by the range of weather he saw while growing up. He ended up studying meteorology at the University of Missouri, and although the weather would not play much of a role in his later career paths, it did spark an interest in writing that keeps getting stronger to this day. After graduating, Nick returned to his adopted home state of Minnesota.

When he’s not riding his bike, video gaming, or experimenting in the kitchen, Nick is probably catching up on one of the dozen TV shows he’s into at any given time. He’s also been a devout Trekkie ever since he put his mom’s headband on his face as a kid to look like Geordi LaForge. If you buy him a beer, he will probably start making Community references, talking about his Fallout character, or describing why he thinks watching The Venture Bros. should be mandatory.


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