photo of Otoki SicilyCommunity Manager (Facebook)

Otoki Sicily was born in Tokyo and moved between Japan and several US states. She grew up in a multicultural household and is bilingual in English and Japanese (although she can’t read Japanese very well). Until she moved to Minnesota she never really felt like she belonged due to her “in between” status as a biracial kid. Sci-fi and fantasy books were one of her escapes from bullying and exclusion, and her love of the genre is still going strong. Moving here and choosing to go to the most diverse school in the district was the best thing that happened to her, as she was finally accepted for who she was rather than excluded for not fitting a mold.

She is pursuing a doctorate degree in pharmacy and is passionate about addressing health equity, systemic racism, gender equality, and cultural appropriation/whitewashing/racist costumes. She is also a giant pharmacology nerd.

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