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Philip Coler is relatively new to the Twin Cities Geek scene and is hoping to become more involved. He enjoys playing video games and board games with the occasional puzzle mixed in. Philip passes the time by trying to catch up on the multitudes of television shows he tries to watch, from Agents of SHIELD to Doctor Who. Ask him to play a third-person shooter and you will have no challenge in beating him. He will make it his mission to mess with you as much as humanly possible, though.

Philip used to have the unique talent of being able to quote any line from Star Trek: Insurrection, since it ended up being his “study movie.” Other things he likes are watching scary movies around Halloween (or any time of year), getting so engrossed in a video game that he loses track of time, and spending time watching and participating in sports.

When he is not playing games or goofing around in general, Philip can be found working as a scrum master at PeopleNet or spending time with his wife, Kayla. His cat, Serenity—yes, like the ship—may occasionally be spotted following him around the house.

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