Riley Jay DavisContributor (Race & Culture, LGBTQA+)

Riley grew up sneaking awake early in the morning—so as to not wake his creationist parents—to watch Pokémon and X-Men: Evolution. His first crush was on Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, but she has yet to return his affection.

Riley is the nerd that you envied on The Simpsons growing up: the one that lived alone in front of his computer, watching Star Trek with a stack of comic books and video games. Except Riley also has an adorable cat named Bagheera, who sits in front of the TV whenever he hears Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s voice on Netflix.

When he’s not nerding out, Riley is a St. Paul University student who was on the board of the former nonprofit Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN) and is currently chair of the planning committee for the Minnesota Trans Health Conference. Riley also likes to get involved in issues regarding race for young people by integrating education into his regular life and attending marches and meetings.

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