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As for most geeks and nerds, Ryan VanAlstine’s lifelong love affair with video games began at a very early age. Despite access to Nintendo systems of all kinds, both regular and Super, Ryan didn’t fully embrace his geek destiny until his teenage years. Long after all his school friends had given up on Pokémon card collecting and princess saving, he knew his time was always better spent with a controller in hand.

Now an “adult,” Ryan still fills as much of his free time as possible with all manner of digital adventures. Whether it be revisiting classics from his past like Final Fantasy VII and Ocarina of Time or enjoying the 4K gaming splendor of current games like Persona 5 and Bloodborne, a day spent playing games is never wasted time.

Video games are not the only geek pastime Ryan indulges in, of course. Movies, TV, music, comics, and professional wrestling all have special sections in the library of his heart, from rewatching Your Name for the 100th time and promising himself this time he won’t cry or marking out over the surprise return at the most recent Royal Rumble match.

Ryan married his wife, a talented artist and writer as well as his nerdy equal, in January 2017. Their lengthy Diablo III gaming sessions and obsession over Stardew Valley prove that being married doesn’t mean the gaming needs to stop—it just means you have to share the controller every so often.

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