Satish JayarajContributor (Pop Culture)

As a teen, Satish walked to the nearest mall every Thursday morning in Abu Dhabi to see if the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man had come out. He often had to take a nap when he got back because of the sweltering heat, but that was part of the fun. After receiving his BA in English from Purdue University, Satish came to the Twin Cities in the winter of 2006 to join Hamline’s MFA program in fiction writing, spending nine wonderful years in the Twin Cities. He has since moved with his wife and two cats to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but can’t seem to go three months without visiting his old haunts.

Satish is seeking publication opportunities for his completed novel, The Secret of the Zipacna Dragons, and writing the Ayeshastra trilogy, both of which take place in his multimythology-inspired fantasy world of Adijari. He is also the founder of Cracked Walnut, a traveling literary reading series in the Twin Cities that builds community through the magic of spoken literature. Inspired by the over 200 Twin Cities writers who continue to share their work through Cracked Walnut, Satish has started a chapter of CW in Cedar Rapids.



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