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Stephanie Cranford is a writer, a musician, a tutor, and an attorney. Some of those gigs pay better than others. She has been spotted in public performing on piano, organ, harpsichord, flute, piccolo, recorder, krummhorn, and a whole host of different percussion instruments. Somewhere along the line she earned a BA in music with a concentration in music history and theory and, later, a JD from the University of Minnesota.

She won the Imes Award in the 2015 Geek Partnership Society Writing Contest, has won National Novel Writing Month five times so far, owns more books than she can count, and has spent a lot of hours beating the Dragon Age games. She helps to run CONvergence and MantiCon and plays in the Minnesota Freedom Band, a home for adult band nerds affiliated with the Lesbian and Gay Band Association (LGBA).

When not doing any of the above, she is probably baking scientifically awesome desserts or walking her 70-pound mutt, Freddy.



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