Steph MountainEditor

Steph Mountain is a freelance writer, editor, and content manager in the Twin Cities. Born in downtown St. Paul, raised in the east metro, and residing in the west suburbs, Steph has lived in Minnesota for their entire life.

Steph was a contributing author for their school newspaper in elementary school and has been working with text ever since. They have a degree in creative writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, where they were also a tech-support guru, and have managed online communities and websites on topics ranging from public health care to World of Warcraft. They currently manage a blog for a small IT services company in Minnesota and work as a freelance content manager for a local creative firm.

When they’re not reading, writing, editing, or being someone’s personal IT help desk, Steph is probably out on an adventure with their daughter. There’s also a good chance they’re playing Final Fantasy or Pokémon or seeing Semisonic or Jeremy Messersmith in concert for the dozenth or so time.

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