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T. A. Wardrope once wrote a review of In the Mouth of Madness for the Minnesota Daily that prompted the editor to sit him down and ask him why he was generally positive about the film. Wardrope didn’t write for them too much after that. Then the Internet really started to cook. That was pretty cool.

For a period of time, his essay about Alien: Redux was in the top 10 on Reddit. While that was very exciting, it was not quite as exciting as the time he read poetry at the Uptown Bar and Grill and someone in the audience demanded he “whip it out.” He may have had a few drinks in him but refrained from the request nonetheless—despite how much he thought it would boost his underground-poet cred.

Overall, he would be remiss in his notable works if he neglected to mention the short story he wrote in fifth grade about a giant robot shark that was created by a homicidal scientist. He amazed himself at the level of gory detail he managed to get into that one. He even remembers a line about chunks stuck in steel teeth. He had a special meeting with school officials about that one.



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