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Tim Iverson is a part-time writer for Twin Cities Geek and a full-time nerd. His first writing gig was a published correlational study for the Journal of Homosexuality, in which he measured the level of homophobia in female undergraduates via an anonymous questionnaire. From there, he went on to write several thousand song lyrics, some for local musicians.

Tim fancies himself nearly famous, and one day he’ll likely be big in Japan. He has been to a few places in the world: Canada (where he spent a few months living in a log cabin with his family), France, Italy, South America, Mexico, and Easter Island.

When he’s not working for US Internet troubleshooting or fixing computers and every other electronic device known to man, Tim can be found at the nearest local cineplex, sci-fi convention, or comic-book store or trapped in front of some old-skool video game.

In the past (aside from rescuing handsome princes), Tim has been a club DJ, a K-through-12 math teacher, and a singer/songwriter. Currently he is obsessed with ABC’s Revenge and pretty much all the shows on the CW. He loves playing Star Wars: Battlefront and Dead or Alive Ultimate with his friend Bobby and is also addicted to sugar, especially kid cereals and cherry Pepsi. Aside from that—chocolate. The darker the better.

Tim currently lives in Minneapolis and misses Paris very much.


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