tim urenContributor (Arts / Game Reviews)

Tim Uren has been writing, directing, and performing theater in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. His theater company, Ghoulish Delights, stages tales of horror and suspense, including Trust and Obey, The Tourist Trap, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Jekyll. Tim is one of the producers of the Twin Cities Horror Festival, which presents horror-themed performances from variety of artists each year.

He collaborated with Killing Joke Films to turn his adaptation of “The Curse of Yig” into a film that has been screened all over the world. Author W. H. Pugmire praised the film, saying, “This is, quite simply, one of the finest adaptations of a Lovecraft weird tale to cinema that I have ever seen. It is brilliant and effective in every way.”

Tim also provides writing, editing, and design for board games and tabletop role-playing games. He’s worked on Eldritch Horror and Middle-Earth Quest as well as the expansions to Arkham Horror and Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. Tim also edited Set Rising, part of Savage Mojo’s Suzerain game line.


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