TImnah GretencordContributor (Comic Book Reviews)

Timnah Gretencord wants to know how everything works. Then she wants to tell you about it. She struggles with the urge to vandalize incorrectly punctuated signage and tries really hard not to react when her husband tortures her by willfully misusing “lie” and “lay.”

A former college professor transitioning into corporate technical communication, Timnah has been an editor, a book reviewer, a slush-pile reader, and a copywriter. A few years ago she formed an independent press and started publishing the novels she occasionally writes—young adult, middle grade, and feministy romance are all in the works.

Raised in a geek family, Timnah grew up with Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, The Twilight Zone, and classic speculative fiction. She has a special place in her heart for Geordie La Forge and Worf, but her true love is all of DS9. She once wrote a high-school assembly skit specifically so she could play Morticia Addams onstage. A few years ago, several friends introduced her to anime and manga, and she started reading graphic novels. Now she’s learning how to make comics. A recent transplant to the Twin Cities, she has been delighted to find a thriving, inclusive geek community here.

She likes you.


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