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Tom Moen has always been seen as a bit of an eccentric oddball. A driven, passionate, music-obsessed, anime-loving YouTuber, creative writer, and DIYer, he’s quite a “multifaceted” oddball—but an oddball nonetheless.

Tom is also both a devout Christian and a practical-science nerd and has developed a passion for making a positive impact in the geek community. In particular, he is passionate about putting an end to the mutual stigmatization between the geek and nerd community and the Christian community, as well as shedding a light on the difficulty of being a Cambodian American geek in the Midwest. He has spent a lot of time encouraging new cosplayers who have been ostracized for being cosplayers or who’ve been shamed because of it, which led to him developing the alter ego of Takeo, the Cosplay Repair Guy and attending the conventions in the Twin Cities. He wandered the local anime cons and helped as many cosplayers as he could, repairing their costumes and props and encouraging them to continue cosplay and not to listen to haters.

As of 2018, he has stopped operating as the Cosplay Repair Guy to focus on his music career and performing at conventions and plans on continuing that for the foreseeable future. He’s also begun to pull away from his “Takeo” nickname, instead opting to use his stage name, T-Tom. This, however, hasn’t changed his attitude toward encouraging cosplayers and geeks of color in any way that he can, as well as encouraging other geeks who are not a part of the community yet who are unsure if they should be open about their geekiness to embrace it.

Outside of cons, Tom is in the middle of working on a musical project in which he’s fusing Christian rap, nerdcore, Japanese pop, Japanese rock, and various other modern Eastern and Western music styles as a member of a two-piece band, Sonic Bombers, that he started with his best friend (a fellow geek). You can also catch him DJing at Christian hip-hop concerts, music festivals, and community-outreach events around the Twin Cities and around the country under his stage name, DJ T-Tom, or T-Tom for short. On rare occasion, he also DJs for specific events at cons and is usually involved in some form or another with music-related events at the local conventions. Outside of the music scene, you can follow Tom on his YouTube channel, where he does gaming commentaries, unboxings, vlogs, and other wacky videos as T-Tom, The Mad Musician.

He’s always looking for new ways to use all of his skills to make positive impacts in any way he can.

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