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Trisha Renken-Sebastian has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. Encouraged by her various English teachers in junior high and high school in southern California, she dove deep into literature at California State University Fullerton and emerged with a BA in English and a deep love of sestinas. It was also during her time at CSUF that she fell hard into the anime and comics fanfiction-writing fandoms, spending many hours in the basement of the humanities building corresponding and collaborating with writers all across the US and beyond.

She decided to hone her interviewing skills by creating her own website (From the Spotlight!), which featured interviews with anime and comics fanfiction authors about their own work and their philosophies. This lead to an invitation to write for Sequential Tart, a monthly webzine staffed and edited entirely by female geeks. An associate editor for the anime section, she was able to conduct interviews with anime and manga creators, which led to a short stint as the assistant editor for Wizard: Anime Insider in New York.

Now in south Minneapolis, Trisha uses her decade of experience as an administrative assistant to help her publish her own work at, where she navigates her way through popular and geek culture, hoping to find the common threads that will unite two important parts of her cultural identity. In exploring the media that have shaped and continue to shape her life, she hopes to gain a deeper insight into what it means to be a Filipinix American in the post-boomer era.


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