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Given that Vanessa Feilan was born to a woman who took her successes in Super Mario Bros. 3 way too seriously, it was inevitable that a deep affection Nintendo games would result. She still prefers her video games on the casual side but is a sucker for a beautiful backdrop, winning dialogue, and epic plots. Eventually she found her match in a guy who takes his gaming seriously, but not so much that he can’t handle getting destroyed in Civilization: Beyond Earth. Alas, her daughter still hasn’t found her gaming side, but it’s only a matter of time before she finds the right kind of game to suck her in forever—it’s family tradition, after all. Beyond games, Vanessa is a massive Star Trek nerd, can’t resist a solid paranormal romance novel, cosplays, and has a dog named Athena (the Battlestar GalactiDog) and three cats named Moose, Bug, and Pixel.

A soon-to-be graduate with a BS in professional communications and emerging media, she dreams of becoming the next absurd genius behind a great social media account. In the meantime she spends her time gaming, raising a tween who thinks she’s 40, and hitting up concerts and the local goth joint whenever time and money permit. She and her husband created GeekDenGaming in December 2014 as a way to consolidate their streaming since half the time one was featured on the other’s account. They don’t have the time for it like they used to, but every so often a few Hearthstone Arena runs or an episodic let’s play of Mass Effect will show up. They also volunteer for CONvergence as co-heads of the book swap, and it seems that Vanessa has no problem writing—unless, of course, it’s about herself.


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