photo of Vincent Hopwood

Photo by David E. Romm

Community Manager (Facebook)

Vincent Hopwood grew up—back in the days before there were personal computers—in Minneapolis, where he attended private elementary schools before going to a public high school. A voracious reader as well as a huge science-fiction, horror, and mythology fan due to genetics (thanks, Mom!), his fate was sealed on the day he asked a middle-school classmate about the cool dragon on the cover of the book they were carrying. Upon hearing about what a Monster Manual was and how it related to a game called Dungeons & Dragons, Vincent embarked on a life decidedly geeky in nature.

He attended the University of Minnesota in the ’80s and ’90s, graduating with two BAs—one in journalism and mass communications and the other in cultural studies and comparative literature. Not long afterward, he married his high-school sweetheart, with whom he recently celebrated a 20th wedding anniversary.

Best described as an information junkie, Vincent is a communications professional who has worked in Internet communications since he started his career as an online editor for the St. Paul Pioneer Press when the newspaper launched its first website. He has since worked in a similar capacity for various firms, shops, and corporations around the Twin Cities.

Vincent maintains a wide variety of interests, from trail running and tearing ass around on one of his motorcycles to irritating the neighbors with his bass playing and running a political and cultural discussion Facebook group. One of his greatest pleasures in life is traveling, and he has managed to visit 10 European countries to date (where he has put his poor German to use) as well as Canada, Mexico (where he has put his terrible Spanish to use), and several Caribbean islands.


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