Windy BowlsbyContributor (Movie Reviews / Parenting Geeky)

Windy Bowlsby was raised by a movie-loving mother, who allowed her to stay up late on school nights just to watch fantastic movies. When she wasn’t watching movies, Windy was reading science-fiction or fantasy novels, designing Xanadu-inspired costumes, and roller-skating in the streets.

Geekness was slowly assumed by accumulation—all the fantastic people Windy met gave her yet more wonderful things to love, obsess over, and be enthusiastic about. Between getting her theater degree and working at Renaissance festivals, it was practically guaranteed she’d start running with the geek crowd. Her love for all things genre eventually led her to a like-minded group of people, and like a “putting the band together” movie, they created CONvergence in 1999.

Since then, Windy has taken her almost frightening levels of energy and applied them to theater (producing Fringe Festival shows, choreographing, performing), roller derby, parenting, podcasting, and just generally encouraging cool things to happen.


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